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Please note that our showroom works by prior appointment!
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In the ASOMATAV collection of the fall-winter 2019/20 season, women's business suit becomes freer - a voluminous jacket with elongated shoulders is complemented by trousers at a high waist. Fitted midi A-line dresses, with an emphasis on the intricate shape of the sleeves, look like a new interpretation of the traditional Georgian women's costume, while maintaining the overall tone of the collection, in which the strength of character and femininity of the 1990s
Asomatav, which name comes from the ancient georgian asomtavruli script, explores and celebrates the georgian authenticity, character and heritage.
But the starting point of the brand's launch was trip to Georgia, which Natia wanted to devote to a deeper study of the culture of her ancestors. Comprehending symbolism, Natia tried to capture the essence, a thin thread that connects everything around.
Understand and realize it.
Oversized jacket paired with knee-length suit shorts and bright satin blouses refer us to the iconic image of the 90s - the heroine of Julia Roberts from the movie "Pretty Woman". In his queue of eco-leather trousers at a high waist in combination with a satin blouse with increased shoulders adding a touch of post-punk. One of the distinctive features of the collection is the lining with a scatter print letters from the ancient Georgian alphabet Asomtavruli.
Materials of the collection
wool, mixed wool, eco-leather, viscose.
Colors of the collection
black, gray, sand, coral, green, pistachio, powdery nude.
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